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Tina Matsi Potrait

Working with the Fuji XT1

I was able to work with the Fuji XT 1 for a couple of weeks now on a couple of assignments and want to share some of my impressions here. This will not be yet another review of this camera. There are already enough around. I am focusing on my personal experience in my professional […]

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Portrait Session with Louise Gardiner – First Principles

  I photographed Louise, a while back for your website and marketing material. Louise needed a variety of images displaying professionalism and approachability. She is a mediator, facilitator and stakeholder engagement expert who works with groups of any size to get back to the basics of effective collaboration. With deep roots in the corporate citizenship […]

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Tools that I use – Evernote

Tools that I use – Evernote There are a number of tools, offline and online that I use in my business to make my life less complicated and more efficient. These tools are not always directly linked to photography, but as they assist me in being the photographer that I am, I decided to present […]

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Product Photography

For a long time, I was hesistant to advertise my product photography skills. This has changed now. For one, I am at a place, where I feel comfortable with the quality of product photography that I deliver and for two, I am enjoying it much more than I ever imagined. I took time to enhance […]

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