Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia (© Jurgen's Photography 2015)

I stick to my rhythm with this image of the sunrise in Angkor Wat. Technically, this is after the sunrise, but it has a very early morning atmosphere for me. The scene appears to be serene, but hundreds of tourists are already around me and in the temple. You have to be up very early to be in time for the sunrise at the temple. You literally walk through the dark to get to the standard spot for the sunrise.  I got my pictures there as everyone else, but loved the atmosphere of this so much more than of the actual sunrise.

Santa Teresa at sunset

View from Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro (Jurgen Hansmann)

Yesterday’s blog post was about the sunrise in Rio. Today from the same assignment a shot during sunset at Santa Teresa. I only had a glimpse at this sunset, but still remember the atmosphere and heat of the day. Again, I shot this with the Fuji x100s.

iPhone 6 for Photography

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6

Since I got my first iPhone, I enjoyed using it as camera, not really to compete with a normal compact camera, but more to see what you can do with a camera, I have with me all the time. The image quality was not that great at that time, but things evolved over the years. The iPhone 5 came close, but the iPhone 6 changed a lot in my perception and experience of the built in camera.

Under good light conditions, the camera performs very well and is a joy to use. As it is part of my phone, I have it with me most of the time. Back in February, I decided to replace my broken iPhone 5 with the iPhone 6 Plus. This was not my first choice, but it was the phone that was available. In the end, I am glad I went with the bigger version.

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6

Until the iPhone 6, the iPhone was more of a creative challenge than a camera replacement. Retouching on the phone was almost a necessity.

On Saturday, I went for a trail walk/run (it was faster than a walk, but slower than a run – make your choice) starting at Cecilia’s Forest going up Nursery Ravine (Cape Town, South Africa).

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6

Originally, I planned take my Fuji X100s with, but frankly forgot it at home. At the end, I do think that I would not have taken as many pictures as I did with the iPhone. The camera would have been in my backpack and doing a quick snapshot would have meant to stop seriously, take off the backpack, take the camera out, take the picture, pack the camera back…

I carried my phone in one of my pockets and it was always easily accessible.

When I came back home, I was impressed by the quality of images I got from my little adventure.

The iPhone won’t replace my Fuji, but it is very handy and produces good quality images for my memories.

I started working on the images with Snapped and found that they looked more interesting in b/w than in colour. So, I went with it.

Snapseed, is for me by far the coolest photo editing software for the iPhone. You can work in layers, change things after the fact and it is a joy to use.

Anyway, I had lots of fun and enjoyed the ease of an easy accessible camera.

Cape Town Table Mountain with the iPhone 6